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The Blog:


Welcome to the MKP Diaries! This blog is my photographic journal that documents everyday beauty, moments of love and our beautiful world. Here, you can read about the details of my photographic adventures. It is intended to serve as positive inspiration to always look for the beauty no matter what life has in store for us. Just like photography enriches my life by filling my heart with gratitude to be alive, it is my hope that my photography will instill a sense of wonder and awe in you about all that life has to offer.

Meet the author:


New York based photographer, Sowmya Kanikkannan, has been honing her skills in travel photography and portraiture since 2008. Originally a travel photographer, Sowmya is self-taught and she fine-tuned her photography skills with formal education in portrait photography and her unrelenting quest to photograph all of life’s beauty. With extensive travel experience throughout the world from a young age, she has a unique understanding of cultures and societies that is reflected in her photographic work.

Sowmya’s artistic expression through photography is blended with over a decade of experience working as a physician. In this role, she considers it an honor that people share a part of themselves with her during their most vulnerable moments. This experience brings about another element to her photography that allows her to extend the range of her talent even further. Her understanding of people and emotions challenges the boundaries of people photography – utilizing moments in life to tell stories, which explore the depth of our existence and the human connection, on life's adventurous journey. Her interest in understanding and expressing life and all of life’s beauty through photography brings about the perfect marriage of her two passions – Medicine and Photography.

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