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Updated: Oct 20

Welcome to the MKP Diaries!

Since I offer family photography sessions among my other photographic interests, I wanted to share an introductory post on the type of family photos that you can expect from my photo sessions. This blog is also where you can see sneak peeks of your family sessions so be sure to subscribe below!

To begin, I want to talk a little bit about lifestyle photography. I get asked what is lifestyle photography by friends and family all the time and so I would like to talk about what you can expect when you hire a lifestyle photographer like myself to capture the abundance of love, laughter, and joy in your family.

Lifestyle photography refers to the style of photography where traditional posing is not the main focus of your photo session. Rather, it is about directing and posing gently and allowing you to be yourselves during the session while placing you in the best angles and lighting to capture the authentic images you see in my family portfolio here. Take a look at the video below from a family lifestyle session capturing the depth of love in this amazing family!

As with any two photographers, there are differences among lifestyle photographers in how they approach and document the story of your family. Some capture sweet moments, others are methodical, and some others capture dreamy portraits. My personal style is one that is fun with a mix of raw, authentic emotions and just full of life...my friends and family would say that my style accurately reflects my personality. I'm guilty of being an extrovert to the core!

While each style is unique, it is important that your photographer's style resonate with you so that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself during your photo session. This is why I believe that choosing a (lifestyle) photographer is a highly personal and subjective choice and it is important to get to know your photographer's style to ensure that you are thrilled with the final images from your photo session!! You can view my work with families here and get to know me better here.

Personally, I love lifestyle photography because it captures the moments that matter. The photographs from a lifestyle session are so uniquely you that your home resonates with the true and beautiful moments that define the depth of how you felt at each stage in your family's growth and the closeness that you share. Images from a lifestyle session remind you to cherish the valuable gift of love and family like no other. The image below is from my passion project to document my own motherhood: a self-portrait showing a glimpse of my love for my little girl. To chat more about whether a lifestyle session is the right fit for you, get in touch with me here! Or just drop me a note to say hello just because I love hearing from my readers!

Meet the author:

New York based photographer, Sowmya Kanikkannan, has been honing her skills in travel photography and portraiture since 2008. Originally a travel photographer, Sowmya is self-taught and she fine-tuned her photography skills with formal education in portrait photography and her unrelenting quest to photograph all of life’s beauty. With extensive travel experience throughout the world from a young age, she has a unique understanding of cultures and societies that is reflected in her photographic work.

Sowmya’s artistic expression through photography is blended with over a decade of experience working as a physician. In this role, she considers it an honor that people share a part of themselves with her during their most vulnerable moments as she helps them get better . This experience brings about another element to her photography that allows her to extend the range of her talent even further. Her understanding of people and emotions challenges the boundaries of people photography – utilizing moments in life to tell stories, which explore the depth of our existence and the human connection, on life's adventurous journey. Her interest in understanding and expressing life and all of life’s beauty through photography brings about the perfect marriage of her two passions – Medicine and Photography.

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