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The World Is My Oyster

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that I am most alive when I get to explore new places, traditions and meet new people. My extroverted personality thrives on people interaction and I never turn down a good adventure. This attitude combined with a family that loved to travel (driven by my dad) had me travelling from a very young age. In total, I have visited 32 countries, 5 continents and numerous cities. These experiences have not only made me open-minded and accepting of people from all walks of life but have truly made my life richer.

One of my favorite destinations is Bora Bora for its sheer beauty, clear lagoons and magnificent landscapes. Jet-skiing and diving with my husband were two of the highlights of our trip to Bora Bora. Well, that and staying in an overwater bungalow.

I also love traveling to India because some of my most cherished relationships especially those with my grandparents and aunts come from this experience. Not to mention, there is never a lack of beauty and culture (and crowd!) on every visit. One of my favorite places to visit has always been Srirangam not just for the quaint beauty, rich architecture of temples and simple living but because it is where my grandfather use to live - a grandfather who taught me through his actions that love transcends distance and time.

There is so much beauty in the world - I know that there is not enough time to see them all in my lifetime. I keenly follow other travelers who share their experiences with the world and by doing so, bring joy, awe and curiosity into the lives of other adventurous souls. I hope that you enjoy reading about some of my experiences. If you have an adventure to share, be sure to drop me a note - I would love to hear about your travels.

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